CATX. Inc.

Past research projects.


Development of novel peptides that mimic the biological actions of the APC tumor suppressor protein, whose mutation is responsible for CRC tumorigenesis. This research was funded by an R21 Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) entitled “Approach for Colon Cancer Therapy Using APC Peptides”. Commercial partnership is being pursued.


Development of novel approaches to chemoprevention of CRC . The goal was to identify novel APC binding proteins and to identify intracellular pathways in APC-induced growth suppression (patent application pending). This research was funded by a grant from The Council for Tobacco Research Grant, entitled “APC Gene Product - Binding Proteins”.

Another project involved investigating post-translational mechanisms that regulate the cellular growth-suppressing actions of APC. This research was funded by a grant from the Storz Cancer Foundation entitled “APC: Phosphorylation & Cytoskeletal Interactions.”

Another project involved developing and maintaining a tissue procurement service for the purpose of developing and testing new tumor markers for different cancers. This project was funded by a grant from Bayer Diagnostics, entitled “Tumor Marker Study.”

Another project involved a gene Discovery Program for genes selectively expressed in CRC (listed in Genbank, patent pending).

Testing the value of estrogenic compounds in chemoprevention of CRC through grant support from and a collaboration with Wyeth-Ayerst.